„When I was a child, I was playing unmindfully and I felt a warm embrace from the whole world. Not one thought runs off the track thinking about how to live your own life. I walked my way, totally unconscious and safe. No doubts when I fell down, I stood up. I took it for granted, full of trust. The only thing I wanted to do is to play. With my environment, friends, stones, colors, balls….without judging.


When I´m painting in my studio I´m connected with my art world. The only thing I want to do in this moment is playing like a child. Then a painting is being created in a natural connection between heaven and earth. That’s the reason why I´m here. To play like a child without any doubts.” 


Studio New York:

400 B South 2nd Street, Brooklyn

New York 11211


© Reinhold Ponesch 2019


Studio Vienna:

Sedlitzkygasse 20/14

1110 Vienna, Austria