Listen to my ART STATEMENT in the Podcast KUNSTBLICK

"There is a point in time when you are asking yourself what your purpose in life is. And if you are asking yourself this question you are standing at a crossroad and you have to decide which direction to go. This was the most important thinking process for me to figure out which nourishment my soul needs to create an authentic way of living. I felt the strongest vibrancy between the canvas and my original being.


This energy has ignited a flame to create art and living only for art. 


Despite taking the freedom on the canvas it’s vital to experiment with special art techniques and painting methods.


Those elements are the basis for me to combine my work and inner art world. The only thing I want to do in this moment is playing like a child. Then a painting is being created in a natural connection between heaven and earth. That’s the reason why I´m here. To play like a child without any doubts.” 


Studio Vienna:

1110 Vienna, Austria

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