„When I was a child, I was playing unmindfully and I felt a warm embrace from the whole world. Not one thought runs off the track thinking about how to live your own life. I walked my way, totally unconscious and safe. No doubts when I fell down, I stood up. I took it for granted, full of trust. The only thing I wanted to do is to play. With my environment, friends, stones, colors, balls….without judging.


When I´m painting in my studio I´m connected with my art world. The only thing I want to do in this moment is playing like a child. Then a painting is being created in a natural connection between heaven and earth. That’s the reason why I´m here. To play like a child without any doubts.” 

I find the expression of my art gripping whena certain turmoil is being carried, when a world is being reflected which sometimes seems like an unfinished imagery and doesn’t seem to have arrived.

Image spaces, expressive, dynamic and uncontrolled brushstrokes are as important as well as fine graphical elements and unreadable texts.


So I developed for myself a free, gestural and dynamic painting in complete detachment as its own picture language, which allows

my excessive abstraction and also sometimes animates me to political works.


Driven by inspiration I stimulate my thoughts until they seem clear and have merged with my body. That turns then into an immediate and authentic artwork. This provides my artistic process with the  freedom to develop the work in a way which reflects my authentic expression. In my artistic creation I love to experiment and to exceed limits, on the canvas, in installation and in performances.


The observer of my art should discover a "Vastness" of possibilities of interpretation to allow him his own Mind Games and Thought-Experiments."


Studio New York:

400 B South 2nd Street, Brooklyn

New York 11211


© Reinhold Ponesch 2019


Studio Vienna:

Sedlitzkygasse 20/14

1110 Vienna, Austria