This weekend great open house at Industry City, 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232.

Industry City is a complex of severel monumental  warehouses. The warehouses are refurbished and most of the space is used for studios of artists. All kind of art can be found there, from painter to jewelery designer and photographer. 

One felt really cosy and welcoming at Photographers Carol Dronsfield studio.

photo: Reinhold Ponesch ©
photo: Reinhold Ponesch ©

I think I have found my dream loft with view to South Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. I only have to ask for the selling prize, but I guess I will take it anyway!!!

Proud future owner of a little 600 sq m loft!

photo: Nicole Ponesch ©
photo: Nicole Ponesch ©

Nicole is already looking, where the furniture should go!

photo: Reinhold Ponesch ©
photo: Reinhold Ponesch ©

 GALLERY OPENING No 4 Studio, Morgan Ave., Brooklyn

On our way home we discoverd great street art!

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