Shin Gallery Orchard Street – Grand Street 322 – Lower East Side

French artist: David Raffini showed his work in a special setting.

The floor was laid down with broken plaster panels and scattered penny pieces.

photo: Nicole Ponesch ©
photo: Nicole Ponesch ©




I had a really inspiring talk with the artist

David Raffini.


photo: Nicole Ponesch ©
photo: Nicole Ponesch ©



He also did a live performance: two flags, Palestine and Israeli were hoisted up and after a song he tied them together with his scarf


video: Nicole Ponesch ©


photo: Nicole Ponesch ©
photo: Nicole Ponesch ©

Able Fine Art Gallery, 511 West 25th St – Suena Aesthetics of Affinity

At the first glimpse, you could not tell if it was an installation or if someone had forgotten their shopping or cleaning stuff. For $8.000,- you would get the two shopping bags. But let me give you a tipp-off: at Costco you can get it for $ 2,-.

photo: Nicole Ponesch  ©
photo: Nicole Ponesch ©

Gagosian Gallery Opening Jeff Koons – we went there full of curiosity – but it was a great disappointment! For me it is not art, because it´s only a print of great dead painters with a blue ball in front of the painting. ???

Paula Cooper Gallery – 534 West 21 St.

The world´s famous artist Claes Oldenburg was present at the Gallery opening. It was very interesting to see his small concepts which are than translated into large-scale sculptures .

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