Yesterday was an interesting discussion 'RESEARCH FOR THE MUSEUM' at the Donau-Universität in Krems, Lower Austria.


On stage:

Christian Bauer:  Art director of the State Gallery of Lower Austria

Anja Grebe: Head of Departments Art and Cultural Study of the Donau-Universität Krems

Armin Lausegger:  Head of the State Collection of Lower Austria

Reinhard Spieler: Director of the Sprengel Museum in Hannover, Germany

Introduction and chair: Almuth Spiegler, Journalist 'Die Presse'


Krems is increasing it's appeal through the new State Gallery. At the same time research is essential for the insight and experience of the visitors. The Department of Art and Cultural Studies of the Donau-Universität is immensely important for the museum as a central player. The State Collections of Lower Austria are as well concerned with comprehensive research assignments and appear together with the Donau-Universität and the new State Gallery. Those task sharing and collaborations  are crucial factors for the furture offering of this art location.



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