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Marting Kippenberger was born in 1953 in Dortmund, Germany and died in 1997 in Vienna, Austria. He was one of the most important, but at the same time a controversal artist of the last century. He was for sure an exceptional artist, self-exposer and known as 'enfant terrible'.

Kippenberger left behind a diversified and complex work. He was experimenting with all kind of art forms: painting, drawing, objects, photography, installation and perfomance. The only medium he didn't use was videos and video istallations.


The Kunstforum Bank Austria is currently presenting Martin Kippenberger's work, bringing to focus one of his preferred medium 'Language' in Vienna.


Yesterday,  a guided tour through the exhibition took place with curator Lisa Ortner-Kreil and Martin Kippenberger's sister Susanne Kippenberger. It was one of the best tours ever with very interesting and detailed narratives by Lisa Ortner-Kreil ,which were completed by personal details by his sister.


photo: Nicole Ponesch ©
photo: Nicole Ponesch ©





With Susanne Kippenberger in front of Martin Kippenberger's

painting he created together with Albert Oehlen.

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