The Art Fair ART AUSTRIA celebrated its tenth jubilee in a very special historical place at the Gartenpalais Liechtenstein in Vienna. 


In advance my expectations were big for this art event. First of all, the idea to combine a Contemporary Art Fair with this hirstorical old building seemed to create an amazing atmophere. Unfortunately, for me it was unsuccessful because, the boothes were very narrow to walk through. Often the same works and positions of art were displayed like at other Art Fairs in Austria.


At latest I discovered a very interesting new art position at the gallery Kovacek & Zetter. They showed great works from the Austrian artist Roland Reiter. A sculpture of a big black woman made of bronze with blond hair and another sculpture composed of skateboards stuck together. In a nutshell, I was so excited about his works. After an interesting talk with the artist Roland Reiter I could leave the Art Austria happily.

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