Workshop 'FREI-RAUM' at the Academy LA CUNA DE ARTE in Rosenheim/Germany from 4th - 7th September 2017


For me it is always touching to see of what kind of humans the artistic group is composed of. I am amazed how much creativity each of those participants has, if one brings it out of those buried depths.

Consequently, a particular energy is emerging where all ideas are implemented.


This is what some participants had to say....



The course was really something special and you have been very inspiring and motivating.

Thank you so much.



I really enjoyed the course. You are an amazing teacher; you lead the participants to top performances.

A course taught by you is a pure joy.



I am still awestruck by the course. You have such a nice manner and you teach in an uncomplicated and unintrusive way.



The course was terrific. Thanks to you I fancy art again.




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