The Gallery Hollerei in Vienna was inviting me to read some texts by Andy Warhol and my own ones, written in New York between 2015 and 2017, during the Austrian 'Reading Day' on 15th March 2018.


The Austrian 'Reading Day' was taking place for the first time this year. The aim was to set a distictive sign for literature and reading. Furthermore, this project intends on helping children to read regulary and to read to children. This should  increase their education and development opportunities. Reading to children has shown a positive impact on them. Reading might be the most important cultural technique, only who can read is able to participate in a modern society. Without reading citizen there is no democracy.

The Austrian 'Reading Day' is an initiative of the ECHO MEDIENHAUSE.


Margit Stolzlechner and Markus Grundtner were also reading at the Gallery Hollerei. It was an inspiring evening in a cosy atmosphere.

                                    A text by Andy Warhol.

My own text 'DIAMANT' written in NY 24th Dec. 2015


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