Bank holiday - Studio day

The preparations for my next exhibition at the Gallery Hollerei are finished. So I´ve got a bit of time on my hands to create new paintings for the next collector. I´ve been working on two canvases for some time now. During the night, I had a dream and a briliant idea. At 3 a.m. I shook up my wife and shouted: "I have to go and paint now, I´ve got a dazzling idea!" She replied: "You´re crazy, it´s still dark. Tell me the idea and I remind you of it tomorrow morning." So I told her, but to be on the save side, I got up and wrote my idea on the blackboard in the kitchen. 


In the morning after my first coffee I disappeard into my studio upstairs and worked for several hours......

Now it´s shaping up!


Studio Vienna:

1110 Vienna, Austria

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