Many years ago I was inspired by the holy window 'Margaretenfenster', made in 1234. It can be found in the 'Stift Ardagger' in Lower Austria.

You can't imagine what kind of energy this window radiates. It has outlasted nearly 800 years and the colours  of the window are still very vibrant.


And last year I started planning an art project including the 'Margaretenfenster'.

I was working for one week in the church beween the 'Margaretenfenster' and the altar this August. It was a combination between my painting process and a conversation with Jesus. He was very happy about this dialogue and we both were able to learn a lot from each other. In the end I finished a very larce scale canvas with him. 


It was a special and unique time for me to make this experience. Especially with the complete silence and to be by myself.



Studio Vienna:

1110 Vienna, Austria

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